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LANDING PAGE: 5 key points to increase your conversion

LANDING PAGE: 5 key points to increase your conversion




When you talk about landing pages for your digital marketing campaigns there are important aspects of landing pages you need to know:


Be as clear as possible

The first on my list is clarity of message and how well it is structured. In other to increase your Landing page conversion You need to be concise and pretty straight to the point, also, users should be able to figure out right away why they are on your page.


hub-spot landing page

Give one Call to Action

Send us an email, call us or leave a comment are all call to actions. By giving users too many options to choose from, you are also giving them opportunity to not go for any of the option. Give them one call to action like “ Sign up Now ”, nothing more than that, just that singular action. Also make sure people surfing your website  don’t miss the call to action button by giving it a bold and distinct color. Giving them a single call to action will definitely increase your landing page conversion

Don’t Give your Website Visitors Escape Routes

No Menu, no link clicks to anywhere. The only clickable button should be the call to action button. Giving users options to leave the site through menu and unnecessary links can have a huge impact on your land page conversion rates and ultimately affect your overall digital marketing campaigns.

Your opportunity to Close Sale

Getting users to visit your landing page is an important aspect of your digital marketing campaign, literally the first step towards a successful landing page conversion. But now, you need to close the sale as most users do this to find out more about the action they have taken. Give them straight what they want and put down clearly actions needed to be taking and pricing.

Keep Your Landing Page Concise

Straight to the point. No Beating about the bush. Give them what they want. Keep your words clear and free of extra words.

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    February 7, 2020 at 11:22 am

    It would not be too alright not to give escape routes to users. I think giving them an opportunity to choose is better.

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