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FAKE INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS: Six (6)Proven Reasons Not to Buy


FAKE INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS: Six (6)Proven Reasons Not to Buy

fake Instagram followers: 6 Reasons not to buy

If you are trying to make a decision whether to buy fake Instagram followers or not, or just want to find out the impact of buying fake followers, this article is for you. Below is the list of what could happen to your Instagram account if you buy fake Instagram followers:

  1. It will ruin your engagements
fake followers ruining engagements

The first thing you will notice when you buy fake followers is the immediate drop in your engagement rate. If for example, your total Instagram followers count is 5000, and 4000 Instagram followers out of it is fake and the engagement rate use to be 20% of the 1000 followers prior to buying 4000 fake Instagram followers, now that you have added 4000 more, your engagement rate drop to 4% instantly from the 20%. If you are an Instagram influencer who rely on engagements to get people to patronize your service, your business just took a hit. Another massive disadvantage is the fact that instead of your contents reaching the usual 1000 real people, Instagram will be forced to send your contents to those fake accounts who will not engage your Instagram posts, and as you already know, the lesser people interact with your contents when they see it the more Instagram reduce your ability to reach more people, this is a form of punishment for posting contents that are not relevant but in this case you are getting punished for buying fake followers. Don’t for a second believe that you will gain any genuine engagement from your purchased Instagram followers. Sometimes they aren’t real people at all, merely fake bot accounts. The best engagement you can hope for from these accounts is an automated “nice post” “nice pictures” “great content” comment. This is particularly important for anybody who fancies themselves as an influencer.

  • It may get your Instagram account banned
instagram removing inauthentic likes and followers

Tick, tick, boom!! Your account is gone, why? Because you violate Instagram terms and condition. Buying fake followers is against Instagram terms and condition, if you don’t know, now you know. Buying fake Instagram followers can cause Instagram to ban or disable your Instagram account. If you don’t want to take the risk of losing your account due to massive Instagram crack down on this kind of act, you need to avoid buying fake followers.

Guardian said in one of its post “The Crackdown has been called the Instagram Rapture” or Instagram Purge” as accounts dropped thousands, and even millions, of followers overnight. Cristiano Ronaldo lost about 1 million followers, Justine Bieber lost 3.5 million followers. Instagram is a social network that relies on real people to engage on its platform, so, you will expect Instagram to continue to do this.

  • Your Instagram account or Instagram Use will be restricted
instagram inauthentic likes

Sometimes as soon as Instagram detects bots or fake followers on your instagram account, it may be kind enough to inform you and restrict your account from performing certain actions within a period of time as a warning to you. Actions such as like, comments and even making posts can be blocked and you may find your Instagram experience greatly hampered by this.

  • It will damage your reach.

If your engagement is hampered due to buying fake followers, you can be guaranteed that your Instagram reach will also be affected. Engagements and reach goes hand in hand. With more engagements is more reach and ultimately letting your post hit the explore page.

  • You will lose the followers

Have you heard of Instagram purge? This happens when Instagram decides to remove fake followers from its platform. Instagram has recently stepped up its game of deleting fake Instagram accounts. So, if you are buying fake followers, be rest assured that they will be deleted, it’s just a matter of time. You will not have a steady followers count, always dropping, always loosing followers. I don’t think this is the kind of image you want to paint. For example, you told your friend a few days ago or a client of yours you have 5000 Instagram followers but today your Instagram followers count has dropped to 4500. This is not growth, this is retrogressing and it is very bad of an Instagram account. These fake followers that you just decided to buy has or will destroy your credibility.

  • It’s a waste of money

The worst part of it is that it’s a waste of money. You buy fake Instagram followers today and tomorrow its gets deleted!! You just lost money.

If you want to build your Instagram engagements, I wrote an article here on it. Instead of buying fake followers or fake Instagram engagements, you will find this article helpful


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