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5 EASY and QUICK WAYS to increase your Instagram engagement RAPIDLY

5 EASY and QUICK WAYS to increase your Instagram engagement RAPIDLY

Growing Instagram engagement can be tricky. Most people feel as long as they have a lot of Instagram or social media followers, it is within their right to gain massive engagement (i.e. likes, comments and shares), but nothing can be farther from the truth. Engagement is not proportional to the amount of Instagram followers you have, Instagram engagement is based on the influence you have on your followers which is through good contents or offline or real world popularity. I know there are people who post horrible or not so interest contents on Instagram but gain a lot of engagement, this is true only because they have built real world influence, so it’s easy to create that psychological connection with their followers and subsequently engagements. One important thing to note is don’t copy content strategy or strategies of big brands, businesses or personalities because it may not work for smaller brand or Instagram pages. Here I have tried to explain the 5 most important ways to increase your Instagram engagements:

  1. Engage similar Instagram accounts:

When you engage similar accounts or contents of people you are following, you will receive a level of reciprocation from these accounts. People tends to engage people who engage their posts. So if you want to quickly hack your way to increase your engagement, like and comments on other people’s content on Instagram because engagement feeds engagements.

  • Engage contents of your followers immediately before you make your post and after you make your post on Instagram.

The Reason is simple. When you engage your followers or other accounts on Instagram most of them will visit your profile to see what you are up to or what your Instagram profile is about. This will cause them to check out your contents and if they see new contents on your page they are likely to engage it. Why do you really to do this immediately you make a post or after? It is because, how quickly you receive your first few Instagram engagements will determine how well the post does in general, and will greatly help to hack your Instagram post to the explore page.

  • Effective Use of Hashtags

Most people have complained about the use of Instagram hashtags, that it doesn’t work, but the truth is, it does work. Most Instagram users just do not know how to effectively utilize Instagram hashtags. For instance, it is wrong for you to use extremely popular Instagram hashtags, the reason is because you will not get the chance to be rated as the top post on that hashtags due to massive competition. So, settle for relatively low hashtags. Usually, you are advised to add an “S” to any Instagram hashtags you intend to use so as leverage on not so popular nature of the hashtags to get your post seen by people.

Also be careful with the kind of hashtags you use, some of them are banned and could get your account in trouble if you continue to use them. Do not use excessive hashtags, use at most 10 hashtags or less per post and don’t spam your hashtags, those are the best Instagram hashtags practices and the most effective ways to use your hashtags.

  • Use great caption on your Instagram posts

I wonder why most Instagram users are in haste and don’t take their time to give their post great and interesting captions. When you make posts, be conscious of the fact that the posts are for humans not robot, remember, Instagram wants to provide best experience for its users and if you are not doing well enough to keep users engage Instagram will not show your contents to more users. So endeavour to write great hashtags on your post caption so Instagram users can stay glued to your post and the more time they spending reading your post the more Instagram send your most to more users.

  • Make posts with people’s faces in them

Instagram post with people’s faces in them have far more engagement than any kind of post on the social media platform. Endeavour to make post contain people, meetings, selfies, or these categories of post tends to drive more engagements.


                Other ways to improve Instagram engagements include:

  • Use Instagram stories frequently
  • Go live often to connect with your users
  • Endeavour to post consistently
  • Engage and reply users comment and Instagram dm (direct message)

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